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Terms of Use

The right to access this site from ShanghaiShanggong & Butterfly Sewing Machine Co., Ltd
(hereinafter referred to as "SGBF") granted in accordance with thefollowing conditions. If you do not agree with any of the following conditions,please stop using this website.


Acceptance of Contract Terms

The copyright connected with the website isbelong to SGBF, its agents and (or) professional advisors. Any part of thissite may not be copied, distributed, reproduced, displayed, playback, super-linkconnected, transmitted, or stored in an information retrieval system in anyform, without the prior written permission by SGBF or the copyright owner(provided that the grant of the license is limited to this site to download therelevant material and print for personal use, non-industrial and commercialuses, and can not change the material and the material to be saved allcopyright and other proprietary instructions contained in the description),


If you violate any of these terms orconditions, this license shall automatically terminate. Upon termination, youmust destroy any downloaded and printed materials immediately. Without SGBFpermission, you are not allowed to load any material related to this site toany other servers according to "method of mirror" either.


Use Restrictions

The trademarks, service marks andlogos("Trademarks") on this concerning web site are registered andunregistered trademarks and belong to SGBF and other related parties. WithoutSGBF or other relevant trademark owner's written permission, any content onthis concerning web site should not be construed as implying, not to revoke orgrant to any license or rights, to use any trademark concerning to this website. In the maximum extent permitted by law, SGBF will actively protect itsintellectual property rights. Without the prior written permission, the SGBFname and its logo are not allowed to use(including advertising and promotionalmaterials concering to the web site). SGBF prohibit any SGBF logo as hot linkon any concering web site, except which has been written approval by SGBF.


Statement on Social Media

 1,As a participant in social media

 ? We listenfrom net friends, customers, media and other community carefully.

 ? We areresponsible for the content of messages being sent and behavior.

 ? Any of ourbehavior on social media do not break regional laws and others rights.

 ? Any thirdparty who are providing paid or unpaid services to SGBF must express theirrelationship clearly at the time they contribute SGBF related issues to socialmedia.

 2,Inform to our customers and net friends

 ? Socialmedia contents may not meet the description of SGBF formal opinion. Pleaserefer to the formal views from official SGBF web site or press release.

 ? For thecontents of the inquiry, we will try our best to respond, but still may not beable to answer all questions, particularly those involving corporate secretsand inquiries unrelated to us. Please give understanding.

 ? Dependingon the contents of the inquiry, the relevant departments may come forward toanswer possible.

 ? About thecontent that appears on the company's social media management, if they areregarded as copyright infringement, information leaks, compliance issues onlaw-abiding (indecency, slander, vulgar, defamation, threats, harassment,abuse, etc.), they will be deleted.


3, Official accounts list

 Social media account name should be formallydocumented here.

 SinaWeibo: Butterfly domestic sewing machines (official Sina weibo)


 Tencent weixin public number: SGBF domesticsewing machines weixin ID:  sgbutterfly1919


Limitation of Liability

You may not use these materials related tothis posting or transmitting to or from related Web sites posting the URL orsend the following materials: any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory,obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, endanger public order, separatism,pornographic or profane material, or any other material legally produce anycivil or criminal liability.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any facilities provided by this web siteand related (or) service for customers to access SGBF in the field of People'sRepublic of China (or) use. In addition to the above provisions, relating toany content of this site should not be construed as providing services andfacilities SGBF outside of these areas. By accessing this site and use of thefacilities concerned, and (or) services provided by this web site concerning,that means you agree to the visit and the implementation and / or services arebound by the laws of the People's Republic of China, and you agree to be boundby the Court of People's Republic of China jurisdiction.


Term of Use Revisions

SGBF may at any time revise these Terms ofUse by updating this posting. By using this Site, you agree to be bound by anysuch revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to determinethe then current Terms of Use to which you are bound.